Why study in Warsaw?


Without doubt, Warsaw is Poland’s administrative, financial, cultural and academic capital. For recent 25 years, has been becoming truly important European metropolis. Its landscape changes rapidly on daily basis, and that’s why is described as Europe’s second biggest construction site (after Berlin). Having in mind it’s tragic and amazing history, rich cultural and business life and open-minded citizens Warsaw’s international importance cannot be underrated.
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Most renowned academic institutions like the University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology or Warsaw School of Economics attract students, which together with other academies and colleges result in city’s estimated student population to amount to ca 200,000 (out of ca 3,000,000 inhabitants in the whole Warsaw agglomeration) making student life really reach and vivid.
The number of international students in Warsaw is estimated to be ca 40,000, thus contributing to the development of its international character. Apart from the fact that student night life is blooming, they are attracted by high level of education offered, especially in technical and medical fields of study (which is mirrored by the fact that Norway and Sweden are among five foreign nations most often studying in Poland).
Students have infinite opportunities to attend cultural events and develop in areas they’re interested in. Moreover, Warsaw offers wide variety of museums (with the Museum of Warsaw Uprising being a must-see), concerts and events which would surely satisfy each hungry-for-culture students. For an international student, Warsaw is also great base for organizing trips around Poland or Europe (here special thanks to low cost airlines ) 
As most capital cities, Warsaw is characterized by slightly higher price level than those in other parts of the country. However, price level is not only significantly lower than in Western European countries, but also slightly lower compared to countries from CEE region like Czech Republic or Hungary. Nevertheless, Warsaw still offers similar life standard. All of these facts taken together enable you to take your best from student life as a foreigner. 
To sum up, Warsaw is a great, even though still undiscovered, destination for an international student, which I as a native citizen fully recommend you. If not for your studies, then at least for a trip.

Pawel Wojas

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